Using AI to Create Imagery for MarketingIt’s no secret that visual content is still king when it comes to marketing. People process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, making images and videos essential tools for any company trying to reach potential customers. However, creating the imagery you need can be challenging. After all, a photo shoot probably isn’t in your budget and stock photos typically aren’t tailored to your specific needs. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks can help you create the imagery you need without breaking the bank. Let’s take a closer look at how AI is changing the game for marketers by enabling them to create images from scratch in minutes instead of days or weeks.

AI, ML and neural networks: What’s the difference?

Computer scientists have been using AI technologies for decades. In fact, many would argue that the concept of artificial intelligence goes back as far as ancient Greece, when Socrates and Plato pondered the nature of man’s soul. In today’s context, AI refers to computer systems that are capable of human-like intelligent behavior. To achieve this, scientists have developed a number of related fields that fall under the umbrella term of AI. Machine learning (ML) is one branch of AI that has gained attention in recent years. In short, ML refers to computer systems that can learn and improve with experience. As data scientists feed more information into the system, it gets smarter and more efficient with each use. Neural networks are another type of AI that has emerged in the past decade. Neural networks are computer systems that are loosely modeled after the human brain, which allows them to learn in a creative and flexible way. Neural networks can inspire creative visual imagery based on existing imagery and generate new visuals based on parameters given by the user.

Neural Network-Based Image Creation

Neural networks are computer systems modelled after the human brain. They are loosely inspired by a biological system that has been honed for millions of years. As such, neural networks are very flexible. One way that these networks can be used is to create new imagery. Say you’re a marketing manager at a shoe company. Your website currently features images of different shoes, but you’re looking for something more creative. Neural networks can inspire you by coming up with thousands of different images based on shoes. In this example, shoe images would be input into the neural network. The neural network would then create new visuals based on those images. The system could then present the images to you.

AI-Based Image Creation

AI can also be used to create imagery from scratch. Since AI is driven by a series of rules and parameters, it can create imagery that’s tailored to your needs. In the context of visual marketing, AI can be used to create images based on your brand strategy and your business objectives. A brand strategy is the overarching vision that your company has for its visual identity. Basically, it’s the look and feel that your company wants to portray to its customers. A brand strategy helps you define these elements and is something that every company should have. A business objective is the reason you’re creating the imagery in the first place. Business objectives are essential because they help you focus on what you’re trying to achieve.

How AI can help with creating imagery

Artificial intelligence can not only help you generate visual imagery but also streamline the image-creation process as a whole. AI can be used to sift through the huge amount of data available to find the images relevant to your brand. It can then analyze these images and determine which ones are best for your marketing needs. A computer system can do this quickly, which is helpful if you’re on a strict deadline. It can also provide instant feedback, which is essential for designers and marketers who want to tweak their images to create the best possible results.

Revolutionary image creation

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize how we create visual imagery. It will not only allow you to create images quickly and efficiently but also inspire new and creative visuals based on your brand strategy. With AI-based image creation, computer systems can go beyond finding relevant images and actually create new visuals based on your business objectives. AI can also be used to sift through the data and find the most relevant images. In short, AI can help you create imagery from scratch and inspire new visuals based on your brand strategy and business objectives.

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