A wide range of Templates are available for popular office programs such as Excel, Word, Open Office and Google Docs. There are various versions of templates with different filename extensions that you may encounter depending on the version of the software they are designed for. Below is a list of some of the more popular programs.

Microsoft Word

The old legacy filename extensions for Word are used in software prior to the release of Microsoft Office 2007 when the OOXML, or Office Open XML, format was introduced. The legacy filename extensions are .doc for Word documents, and .dot for Word templates.

Versions after 2007, which are the current versions, use the OOXML format so .docx is a Word document, .docm is a macro-enabled document,  .dotx is the Word template, and .dotm is a macro-enabled template.

Microsoft Excel

Excel documents before the release of OOXML in Microsoft Office 2007 have the legacy filename extensions of .xls for worksheets, and .xlt for worksheet templates.

Since the introduction of OOXML in 2007 the filename extensions became .xlsx for worksheets, and .xltx for templates.

Microsoft Powerpoint

The pre 2007 legacy filename extensions for Powerpoint are .ppt for a PowerPoint presentation, .pot for a PowerPoint template, and .pps for a PowerPoint slideshow.

With OOXML formats the filename extensions become .pptx for a PowerPoint presentation, .potx for a PowerPoint template, and .ppsx for a PowerPoint slideshow.


OpenOffice uses the OpenDocument format and the most common filename extensions that may be encountered are:

  • .odt for documents
  • .ott for document templates
  • .ods for spreadsheets
  • .ots for spreadsheet templates
  • .odp for presentations
  • .otp for presentation templates

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