Word Templates are available from the main Microsoft Office Templates website and a number of other sources that list free and paid for options.

Templates for Microsoft Word documents can be found for purposes such as newsletters, flyers, brochures, certificates, labels, meeting minutes and cover letters.

How to Use a Word Template

Here are the steps to help you download and start using a Word Template to create a new document, and turn an existing document into a template.

Download the Word Template

Search the web for Word Templates and you'll come up with a long list of websites offering both Free and paid for Word Templates. The first in that list is usually the main Microsoft Office Templates website that has a good range of free word templates for downloading and using in your work.

Once you've found a website offering the Word Templates that you like, browse the categories and select a suitable template. For this example we'll use the main Office Templates website by Microsoft.

Click on the required template on the "Favorites by app ... Word" page and open it in a new page. We'll select the "Modern flyer" template. With the page now showing the required template simply select the Download button to open a Save As dialogue box. The Template will be saved to the location you choose, with the file name as shown (which can be changed) and the file extension of .dotx which indicates that it is a Word Template. An example would be word_template.dotx.

Download Word Template 

Open the Word Template

Starting Microsoft Word will open the main Word window as shown below. When a Word Document is open then selecting the File menu item and then New from Template... will also open this start window ready for selecting a file option.

Word Template Open Box

Select the Open button and browse for the Template file that you saved previously. The Word Template will now be opened in a new window ready for editing.

Word Template opened ready for editing

Save as a New Document

If the opened Word Template is simply saved after making edits then it will over write the template file itself. So the first action is to save the new document that has been created from the template to a separate Word Document. Select the File menu and then Save As... This will open a dialogue box where you can select the document File Format as Word Document (.docx).

Save as Word Document

Select the location to save the new document in the Where: box and click Save to save the new document separate from the template and ready for further editing.

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