Calendar Templates are available for download from a number of websites that are directly printable and may be in PDF format, or they can be designed for one of the major Office programs such as Word or OpenOffice Writer, so that the calendar template can be edited to show different years or months, the format and styling can be changed, the start day and month can selected, and the colors and fonts changed to match a company house style.

Calendar TemplateThere are many different types and styles of calendar templates designed to help you organise your business, education or leisure life.

Printable calendars are great for putting on the wall so that they can be seen quickly, and events and notes added easily. Calendars can be general and have everything on the one sheet, or multiple calendars can be created for topics such as school holidays, birthdays, events, national holidays, appointments, shift times, work appointments, or work holidays.

Before selecting a new calendar template, or creating a calendar from scratch, make a list of what the calendar is needed for, and what items it will contain. If the calendar is to be printed and pinned to the wall, or used on the desk, then ensure it will print the required date ranges (weekly, monthly, yearly) onto a suitable paper size such as A4 or A3. Decide if the calendar needs to be in a landscape or portrait format.

Calendars for Microsoft Excel

Calendars for Microsoft ExcelThere are a number of calendar templates built into Excel ranging from basic 12 month calendars, academic calendars, family calendars, at a glance calendars, student, business, educational, and work schedule calendars with specific design and layouts ready for customisation or use.

In Excel open the File menu and then select the New from Template... option. This will open the template browser and show a range of templates. In the search box in the upper right corner type in "calendar" and press enter. There will be shown a range of calendars from which to choose. Simply double click the desired calendar template and it will open in Ms Excel ready for editing. Use the Save or Save As menu item to open the save dialogue box and choose a location to save the calendar.

Excel also has a large online collection of templates in the Templates Gallery online. Simply go to the Template Gallery and select Excel in the Favorites by app section, then use the BROWSE BY CATEGORY selector on the left hand side to select Calendars. There are over 140 Calendar Templates for Excel listed in the section.

Calendars for OpenOffice Calc

Calendars for OpenOffice CalcApache OpenOffice has over 120 templates available for calendars using Calc, with the usual monthly and yearly calendars, and others designed for specific purposes such as school, holidays, events, birthdays, marketing, employee attendance tracking, task planing, along with printable calendar options.

To find the calendar templates for OpenOffice Calc either use the start screen and select Templates... which will open the Templates and Documents dialogue box, or if Calc is open then go to the File... menu and select New and then Templates and Documents to open the dialogue box. In the bottom left select the Get more templates online... to open the OpenOffice Template website in a browser. Here you can enter Calendar in the search box and select Calc as a filter to see all the relevant templates.

Calendars for Microsoft Word

MS Word uses the same online Template Gallery as Excel and Powerpoint, with a Favorites by app section for Word. Select Word and then use the category browser on the left to select Calendars and browse the 140+ Calendar Templates for Word.

To find Calendars that are built in to Word on the desktop then go to the File menu and select New from open the main start screen that will have templates shown. Use the search box in the top right to search for calendars. These can be opened immediately by double clicking on them.

Calendars for OpenOffice Writer

The Apache OpenOffice Templates website has a good range of calendar templates available with over 570 templates listed to date, and they are all free. Go directly to the website and use the FILTER BY APPLICATION selector on the left to choose Writer and then search for calendars to list all the templates available.

The template website can also be found in Writer by going to the File menu and selecting New then Templates and Documents. This will open the templates window where there is a link to Get more templates online... that will take you to the templates website.

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